Stamps We Grade

Stamps ASG Will Grade
ASG currently accepts submissions on a case-by-case basis. For more information, see or contact ASG Customer Service at or +1 941 360 3994.

Stamps ASG Will Not Grade
ASG will not grade stamps that are not genuine, stamps that are not mostly original, stamps that cannot be positively identified and/or stamps that are missing large pieces. ASG will also not encapsulate stamps with active gum since they may stick to its holder.

These stamps will be returned “raw” (not encapsulated) with a notation that describes the reason why the stamp could not be graded.

If a stamp is a type that ASG does not grade, it will also be returned raw.

Collectibles from Sanctioned Countries
Due to US sanctions, the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG), which includes NGC, PMG, CGC, CSG, ASG and CAG, will not accept collectibles either (a) issued by the following countries/regions if submitted to CCG’s offices in London, Munich or Hong Kong; or (b) submitted to any CCG location by a customer located in one of the following countries/regions:

  • North Korea
  • Iran (including Persia)
  • Cuba
  • Crimea

If collectibles from the above-listed countries/regions are already in the US and are owned by a US-based customer, they may still be eligible for grading by a CCG company in the US. If collectibles from the above-listed countries/regions are already in Mainland China and are owned by a Mainland China-based customer, they may still be eligible for grading by CCG’s Mainland China affiliate, NGC Shanghai Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

In addition, special handling applies for the following countries:

  • Syria: CCG will accept collectibles from Syria but will not ship any collectibles to Syria.
  • Iraq: CCG will accept collectibles from Iraq but they may be subject to additional scrutiny by CCG and, if applicable, US customs, resulting in delays and possible rejection.

At this time, there are no sanctions affecting collectibles issued by Russia or submitted by customers in Russia. However, shipments containing collectibles issued by Russia may be subject to significant delays due to customs processing times.

Certain individuals are also subject to sanctions and cannot do business with CCG. A complete list of individuals sanctioned by the US can be found at

This policy was last updated on April 23, 2022, and is updated periodically. This policy is not meant to be taken as legal advice and, due to quickly evolving situations, it may not reflect current sanctions. For current US sanctions, please visit CCG reserves the right to reject any submission from any customer.