NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG Appoint Guang Yin Ge an Official Submission Center

Posted on 3/25/2020

The respected 25-year-old numismatic firm in Guangzhou, founded and owned by HM Chen, will help collectors with their submissions and questions.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation™ (NGC®), Numismatic Conservation Services™ (NCS®), Paper Money Guaranty™ (PMG®) and Authenticated Stamp Guaranty™ (ASG®) have appointed Guang Yin Ge as an Official Submission Center.

The well-known and respected company in Guangzhou, China, was founded in 1994 by longtime numismatist and dealer HM Chen. The appointment of Guang Yin Ge as an Official Submission Center will enable NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG to better serve the growing coin, paper money and stamp collecting communities in the Guangzhou region.

Guang Yin Ge will help people submit collectibles to NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG. Its staff can also answer questions about the companies’ services and benefits.

NGC is an international third-party authentication, grading and encapsulation service for collectible coins, tokens and medals. Founded in 1987, NGC has graded more than 45 million collectibles.

NCS was established in 2001 as one of the world’s first professional coin conservation services. NCS uses a variety of safe, proprietary techniques to remove harmful surface contaminants, stabilize and protect a coin’s surfaces and improve its eye appeal. More than 1 million coins have been professionally conserved by NCS, including coins from well-known collections and shipwrecks.

PMG was established in 2005 as an international third-party authentication, grading and encapsulation service for collectible banknotes. PMG has graded nearly 5 million notes, about half of them from China.

ASG was established in 2017 to provide an accurate, consistent and impartial assessment of a stamp’s authenticity and grade. ASG has already certified approximately 100,000 stamps.

NGC-certified coins, PMG-certified notes and ASG-certified stamps are backed by each company’s guarantee of authenticity and grade. These guarantees, coupled with the knowledge and experience of their graders, give buyers more protection and confidence. This results in higher prices realized and increased liquidity for NGC-certified coins, PMG-certified notes and ASG-certified stamps.

NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG are independent members within the Certified Collectibles Group™ (CCG™) of companies. Submissions to the CCG companies in China are handled by NGC Shanghai Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd., which provides full-time coin, paper money and stamp grading services at its 1,500-square-meter Shanghai facility. 

Guang Yin Ge has grown to employ 12 since Mr. Chen founded it with one employee. Mr. Chen has collected coins for 36 years and been a respected dealer for 36.

Mr. Chen said the new Official Submission Center will benefit Guangzhou-area collectors.

“Collectors in the Guangzhou area will find that the time it takes to grade their collectibles is shorter because we will send coins, notes and stamps to the knowledgeable NGC, PMG and ASG graders in Shanghai the same day they are submitted or the next day at the latest,” Mr. Chen said. “We will let our clients know the results as soon as we get them.

“My staff and I will do our best to give professional suggestions to clients about their submissions.”

Mr. Chen added that he believes that teaming up with NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG will benefit collectors in the area.

“People in China know that NGC, PMG and ASG are very knowledgeable about Chinese collectibles, and that their holders protect the value of their collections. NCS also provides very useful services to coin collectors.”

Guangzhou is one of the biggest markets in China for coins and banknotes and is growing every year, he said.

“We are honored to have such a respected company as Guang Yin Ge become an Official Submission Center,” said Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of CCG. “We look forward to working closely with Guang Yin Ge to better serve the coin and paper money collecting hobbies in Guangzhou.”

Guang Yin Ge is located at No. 245A Hai Zhu Zhong Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou.

Its website is

Contact the company at:

Office phone: +86 (20) 81302460

Mobile phone: +86 18027378823


WeChat: Guangyinge

To learn more about the NGC, NCS, PMG and ASG, please visit;; or

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