ASG Hong Kong (China) Services and Fees

Posted on 12/10/2019

ASG Grading Tiers Maximum Value (USD) Fee (USD)
Unlimited Value WalkThrough Unlimited $450
High Value WalkThrough $500,000 $225
WalkThrough $100,000 $110
Express $10,000 $60
Standard $3,000 $45
Economy $300 $22
Modern $300 $17
Modern Bulk (Mixed Types) 50-stamp minimum $300 $16
Modern Bulk (Same Types) 50-stamp minimum $300 $15

ASG Add-on Services Maximum Value (USD) Fee (USD)
Early Releases / First Releases N/A Tier fee + $5
Special Label N/A Tier fee + $5
Variety N/A Tier fee + $8
Error N/A Tier fee + $8
ASG Oversize Holder N/A Tier fee + $15
Pedigree N/A Tier fee + $5
ReGrade N/A According to tier

ASG ReHolders Maximum Value (USD) Fee (USD)
ReHolder $10,000 $10
High Value ReHolder Unlimited $30
Oversize ReHolder $10,000 $15
High Value Oversize ReHolder Unlimited $55

ASG Other Services Maximum Value (USD) Fee (USD)
Appearance Review N/A $0
Return Packaging N/A $5 per form
Handling Fee N/A $15 per form

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