ASG Enhances Grading Scale by Adding ASG VF/XF 88 Grade

Posted on 8/22/2023

The new ASG VF/XF 88 grade further differentiates stamps near the top of the ASG grading scale.

Authenticated Stamp Guaranty® (ASG®) is committed to providing submitters with world-class services and upholding its industry-leading standards through its 100-point grading scale. To support ASG's efforts to consistently deliver the world's best all-around stamp grading experience, a new grade of ASG VF/XF 88 has been added to the ASG Grading Scale to better distinguish well-preserved stamps.

Based on analysis by our expert grading team and feedback from our submitters, ASG determined that there was a need for an additional grade for stamps in well-preserved condition. The new grade will bridge the gap between ASG VF/XF 85 and ASG XF 90, giving submitters who have stamps at this level a more precise grade distinction.

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"After listening to feedback from our loyal submitters and analyzing our industry-leading services and grading scale, ASG is pleased to announce the addition of the new grade," said Steve Eichenbaum, CEO of the Certified Collectibles Group, which includes ASG. "The enhanced grading scale is another indicator that ASG values its submitters' input and will continue to provide them with a world-class stamp grading experience."

The definition for the ASG VF/XF 88 grade is:

A stamp with two obviously misaligned margins, which may have small blemishes such as inclusions, light handling, short perforations and light yellowing. If gummed, the gum will be original, with no obvious hinge marks. It may have a slight hinge mark, however, evidence of having previously been damp or minor paper softness. If cancelled, the cancellation must be neat and only at the corner of the stamp, but some ink will be visible on the reverse side.

Special Discount for Shanghai ReGrade Submissions

All stamps submitted for grading will automatically be evaluated for the new ASG 88 grade as part of the regular grading service. Plus, for a limited time only, collectors and dealers with stamps currently graded ASG 85 have the opportunity to take advantage of a 40% discount on the ASG ReGrade service, in addition to any other applicable discounts and/or dealer discounts.

If the resubmitted stamp is upgraded to an ASG 88 or higher, ASG will discount its normal ReGrade fees by 40% through the end of the year, ending on December 31, 2023. If the submitted stamp is not upgraded and stays at 85, no ReGrade fee will be charged. ReGrade submissions are guaranteed to not go down in grade, but they are NOT guaranteed to go up in grade. The discount is only valid for submissions sent to ASG's Shanghai office and only for stamps already graded ASG VF/XF 85. Show submissions are not eligible.

About ASG

ASG was established in 2017 to provide an accurate, consistent and impartial assessment of a stamp’s authenticity and grade. In June 2023, ASG surpassed one million stamps graded, and the values of ASG-graded stamps continue to rise. Every stamp that ASG certifies is backed by the comprehensive ASG Guarantee, which helps to protect consumers.

ASG authenticates both modern and vintage stamps and utilizes expert analysis to accurately grade submissions on a comprehensive 100-point scale. The stamps are then encapsulated in ASG's industry-leading, high-quality holders, which are designed to preserve them and to protect against counterfeiting. ASG's certification services are helping to create a safer and more vibrant marketplace for collectible stamps.

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